Creative ways to light up your home for the Festive Season

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December 5, 2018
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The Festive Season is upon us! Bring some festive cheer to your home with these creative and easy lighting ideas for your home:

1. Create a wall Christmas tree made from string lights

2. Display Christmas cards in a picture frame by pegging them onto string lights

3. Fill containers (jars or vases) with ornaments, pine cones, greenery and lights

4. Paint some branches white, and wrap lights around them to make your own DIY lighted branches

5. Galvanized buckets and greenery paired with twinkling lights creates a charming staircase display

6. Add string lights to your hallway or to your kids’ bedrooms

7. Add some lights and ornaments to a pretty basket

8. Create this lighted reindeer centre piece with a glass vase, some fake snow, lights and the reindeer accessories

9. Use paint and stencils or vinyl to decorate wine bottles, and then add a string of mini lights to get that beautiful holiday glow

10. Drill holes in a tin can, paint it, and add a string of lights underneath for a gorgeous lamp that creates pretty patterns of light on the ceiling and walls

11. Pair a string of lights with evergreen garland and drape them down your stairs

12. Create a photo wall with string lights

13. Wrap string lights around a vase

14. Wrap lights around a chandelier

15. Use pieces of wood to create a shelved wall Christmas tree and decorate with string lights

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