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Laatz Electrical began in 1995 with only a few electrical contractors, to now including a compliment of seven electrician teams, fully equipped and skilled to supply a wide range of electrical services to the greater Durban area.

From simple residential installations and inspections, to massive electrical installations for large corporate buildings, Laatz Electrical can do it all! There is no job too big or too small for our teams of skilled electrical contractors.

Meet the Laatz Electrical Team

grand and kathy owners of laatz electrical

Grant and Kathrine

Run by Grant and Kathrine Laatz, Laatz Electrical is a family-owned electrical contracting business operating in and around the greater Durban area. Grant Laatz started off fixing washing machines and stoves back in the mid-1990s, growing Laatz Electrical into the company it is today – wiring private homes and large commercial installations which include Monza, Kyalami Park, Crowthorne Corner and even the SMD building.

Grant also runs Cable Diagnostic Solutions (www.cableds.co.za) which specialises in high-voltage cable fault finding. Grant is a committed family man, an adventurer, and is always on the lookout for emerging opportunities and the chance to grow individuals to reach their full potential.

Kathrine Laatz handles accounts, HR and a bit of everything in between. She is passionate about both her family and the family business, and enjoys assisting people with the best possible electrical contracting service possible.


Val has worked at Laatz Electrical for eleven and a half years, and can answer all your questions from installing a pre-paid meter and how to deal with the municipality, to getting a compliance certificate for your property. She does everything from invoicing to scheduling to quoting, and is the go-to person in the office for any query you may have.

She is married to Shan and they have two children, Tianne and Neoshin. She is always calm and inspires the Laatz Electrical team with her positive messages that she puts up in the office; such as: “I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination,” or “When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top!”

laatz electrical staff image
laatz electrical staff image

Ashan and his Team

Ashan has worked for Laatz Electrical for twelve and a half years. As a single dad, he is doing a brilliant job raising his two children, Diajal (16) and Yashiv (12) on his own. He is our compliance specialist, generator and inverter installer, and is assisted by electrical contractors Zakhele, Bheki and Bhekisisa who make up his team. Ashan takes care of clients from Umhlanga to the farms around Umhlali and further up the coast.

Grant, Albert and their Team

Albert has been with Laatz Electrical for fourteen years, he lives in Nyoni with his family and has never missed a day’s work. He is very good at fault finding and tracing tripping faults; he likes things done right. Albert works mainly on construction projects and some maintenance when the job schedule is busy. Philani and Lami are the electrical contractors who work with Albert, Lami is the driver in Albert’s team and is the “new kid on the block driving the vintage 1400”.

laatz electrical staff image
laatz electrical staff image

Justin and his Team

Justin has worked for Laatz Electrical for ten years. A family man, married to Monica, Justin recently became a grandfather to little Kayleigh-Teal. He is the team leader for the “A Team”, specialising in maintenance. Jimmy and Thiza work alongside him and have their own language that they have developed over the years of “grafting” together. Thiza is working towards his driver’s license and hopefully will be in his own van in the near future.

Rendel and his Team

Rendel started working at Laatz Electrical after matriculating in 2007 and is following in his dad Justin’s footsteps. He mainly focusses on construction and has about six construction projects on the go at any given time. We can also call on Rendel to handle any urgent maintenance calls in between checking on his various sites. A young father, committed to his family and his work, he quietly gets on with it. He has great guys in his electrical contractor teams: Style, Alright, Spelo, Welcome, Fanafuthi, Zane, Xolani and Samson who work hard to get the job done.

laatz electrical staff image
laatz electrical staff image

Victor and his Team

Victor has been with the company for thirteen years and has worked his way up to being a team leader. He is particularly good at cable jobs and fault-finding tripping problems. Victor is always smiling and jolly. He is currently training a new electrical contractor, Makhaya, who is hard working and learning the ropes. They work on both maintenance and construction projects and can be called on at any time to deliver service to their customers. Victor has six children and works hard to look after his family.

Jackson and his Team

Jackson worked for Laatz Electrical before and re-joined the company in 2013. He is affectionately known as “Mfundisi”, he has a strong sense of what is just and fair, and has a wonderful way of motivating the team and raising staff concerns. He has a great sense of humour and keeps us all entertained! He focusses on construction but also performs maintenance when we need him to get to an urgent job. Dumisane is a hard-working member of his electrical contractor team and has been with us for six years. Also part of Jackson’s team are: Green and Ntsikilelo, both of whom used to work for Laatz Electrical and have returned to the family. Jackson holds everyone to a high standard, from his employers to his team members and his clients.

laatz electrical staff image